Olympus Weightlifting and Fitness Center provides a plethora of programs to suit your needs

Olympus fitness class

With every membership is our free strength and conditioning classes that will get you in shape and give you a better understanding of how to workout with a qualified coach. Come join us Tuesdays at 6pm and Saturdays at 9am.

We also offer a beginners class Saturday at 10:15am.

Online Personal Training

Not sure what to do once you get in the gym or having trouble getting stronger or increasing your conditioning? Olympus Weightlifting has the solution with online personal training for individuals that want help but not necessarily face to face coaching; for $190 per month you will have access to a coach online who will give you programming and help while you continue your fitness journey.

Team coaching

Want to learn weightlifting in a team environment with access to your coach live and in person? Then our team coaching program is what you are looking for. Our classes meet 1 time per week, have access to team programming geared towards competitive weightlifting and have access to nutritional guidance; for $170 per month you can start your journey in the sport of weightlifting. for more information go to the weightlifting club page.

Personal Training

Need motivation? Not sure how to start training in a gym? Need a professional who has both experience and education, then personal training is for you. Our personal training includes programming, face to face training, nutritional guidance and weigh ins. Contact us today to get more information about our personal training options with your free training consultation.


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